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Wheat is bad

Do You Know Wheat Is Making You Sick? 7 Reasons Why

You may not like it but this information is important for you to know if you care about your health.

Take this information like bitter medicine – hard to swallow but necessary for healing.
“Wheat can make you sick in more ways than you can imagine”

Fat Loss Diet

27 Foods You Need To Avoid On A Fat Loss Diet

Food plays a major role when trying to lose fat.  Designing a proper diet plan is the best way to lose fat.  But even with a well-planned fat loss diet, at times your progress may slow...

high sugar diet

How High Sugar Diet Damages 7 Important Organs

Will you eat something that – Causes damage to vital organs of your body? Is as addictive as heroin? Is a cause for many chronic diseases? Will you give it to your children? Your instant and...

types of fasting

6 Ways Of Fasting To Boost Your Fat Loss

This incident amazed me and made me realize the kind of misconceptions surrounding fasting. I was at a general store buying some groceries. A guy came and told the shopkeeper “ Upwas (Fasting) mai jo kha...


5 benefits of fasting you should know

‘Fasting is difficult.’ ‘Fasting causes muscle loss.’ ‘Fasting means starvation.’ These and many more such myths surrounding fasting has kept people away from trying it. You have to look beyond these myths to discover the benefits...

Breaking the 5 popular myths of fasting

There is a very simple way to lose weight. And this method has been successfully tried for centuries to lose weight. But, the ironical part is that everyone knows that it works but still doesn’t want...